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ACT is a company wholly owned by Filipinos. It embodies virtues like the “bayanihan”, “pakikipagkapatao”, “matulungin” and “tapat”.

These virtues are translated in our quest to serve our customers with the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices, terms, and service. This, in turn, would allow them to provide their patients with the best care possible that is within reach of any person.

This is best translated to “We help in the best way we can in the Philippine healthcare industry so they can offer the best service to their patients”.

The Struggle for excellence is a never-ending process, as we always strive to always be in the cutting edge of technology for the products that we sell.

Our Performance is made possible through our employees. Our employees are not mere workers but all is treated like family. They enjoy compensation and benefits well above the industry standard. Everyone is given equal opportunity to be the most of what they can be.


With our dedication to assure Doctors all over the world in providing the best and the latest technologies, we have a wide range of Products and Services.

Recent Products


The Konica Minolta Aero Dr’s dimensions are equivalent to a standard cassette 14x17” and it’s the world’s lightest panel detector(2.9 kg). Easy workflow and reliability with energy conservation design of 16hrs and charging time of only 30 minutes. Its battery life cycle is same as the product itself.

Digital Imaging, Digital Radiography


Lightweight (7.5 pounds) and being the same size as a standard ISO 4090 film cassettes. With high resolution images that are a result of pixel pitch of 125 microns. The product also provides higher resolution to the previous Canon Digital Radiography Systems, reducesx-ray exposure to the patient and is more sensitive.

Digital Imaging, Digital Radiography


The advanced LANMIT technology delivers high-quality diagnostic images with minimal X-ray exposure to patients. With a large 14x17” imaging area, it accommodates a wide variety of radiograph- ic applications such as the skull, spine, chest, abdomen, and extremity examinations.

Digital Imaging, Digital Radiography


The CXDI-55G is measuring 0.6 inches thick, having the same thickness as a standard film cassette. Weighing just 7.5 pounds, the Canon CXDI-55G is light enough for use in trauma centers and Intensive Care Units. Simple to grip and handle so that both the patient and the X-ray technician can comfortably hold it in place during image capture.

Digital Imaging, Digital Radiography

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